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LeadFi Reviews from Auto Transport Brokers

We’ve help make our customers brokerages successful and the industry has noticed. Here’s some reviews from our top customers.

For more than 5 years, we have relied on LeadFi to provide us with the most reliable and superior leads in the industry. Their exceptional quality has played a crucial role in the tremendous growth of our business. Additionally, they have exhibited unparalleled flexibility in terms of accommodating changes, making them the standout choice among other lead providers. We trust LeadFi unequivocally for consistently delivering outstanding leads.


For the past three years, LeadFi has been consistently providing our company with leads. They prioritize conversion rates and ensure that the leads are legitimate. Their commitment to continual improvement in lead quality sets them apart as a dependable and commendable company. We genuinely appreciate their dedication in this arena, which is rare to find in the industry.


For the past six years, our experience with LeadFi has been exceptional. They consistently demonstrate utmost helpfulness and responsiveness to our requirements. In particular, Jason, our dedicated account manager, consistently delivers outstanding service. Moreover, the leads provided by LeadFi are reasonably priced while maintaining a high level of quality. We eagerly anticipate the continuation of our fruitful partnership and highly recommend LeadFi as an excellent source for top-notch auto shipping leads.


LeadFi has been a valuable partner for numerous years, contributing significantly to our success. If expanding your auto transport business is on your agenda, LeadFi should definitely be your top choice.